Babyjem Back Support Pregnant And Breastfeeding Pad, Green

Manufacturer: Babyjem
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Babyjem pregnant and breastfeeding pillow, which you can use both while waiting for your baby and after birth, is designed with the comfort of mother and baby in mind. When birth is approaching, pain increases with increasing weight. The Babyjem back padded maternity pillow helps reduce pain while at the same time, it supports you to sleep peacefully and wake up rested.

With a maternity pillow that supports both your back and belly, your night is comfortable and it is easier to sleep without holes. You can use the maternity pillow not only at night, but also during the daytime naps, with the desire to sleep day by day in the late stages of pregnancy.

At this stage, the pillow you will use while breastfeeding your baby turns into a breastfeeding pillow and helps your baby to feed comfortably. The breastfeeding pillow, which helps your baby to take milk correctly and comfortably while breastfeeding, will not swallow air bubbles and suffer from gas pain when held in the correct position, that is, parallel to the mother's body.

You can also use it as a sitting cushion when your baby starts sitting from the 6th month.

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