Happy Hop Sleepyhead Seat Belt Organizer Neon Green

Manufacturer: Happy Hop
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Happy Hope Beltfix your child safe and comfortable to travel on providing the correct use of the seat belt from Turkey's first and only crash test history Seat Belt Editor is undamaged items. For older children and adults who do not have to sit in a child car seat, it ensures that the seat belt is properly aligned on the shoulder and prevents it from cutting the neck.It provides a comfortable journey by distributing the pressure of the belt on the abdomen.

However, since the seat belts are designed for the height of the adults, the belt can pass over the neck of the children and also cause serious consequences for the child in the event of a possible accident while disturbing them.

In Turkey, the first and only Middle East Technical University, Biltine Center for Vehicle Safety in undamaged crash test results conducted by the Unit compared to stand-alone use of seat belts collision, it has been found to reduce the effects of using child model's neck and abdomen region and reported. It is easily attached to the seat belt with its special design with snap fastener.

It also provides convenience for the next use by keeping your child on the seat belt when it is not in the vehicle.The erasable imported mesh fabric always ensures clean use. It does not contain phthalates.It does not contain allergic disperse dyes.Does not contain carcinogenic dye.It does not contain heavy metal.


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