LAVA Premium Cast Iron Grill Pan

Manufacturer: Lava
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LAVA GRILL PAN: Lava is specialized for heating and appliance industry. With 40 years of experience in casting molding, sand preparation, melting, sandblasting/grinding and enamel coating plant as the leading company in the world, Lava’s main production issue; cast iron cookware, pans, grills and stove top casting grills. The world’s highest quality cast iron is processed together with electrophoresis enamel coating technology in the production facilities of the ISO9001 standard. ENAMELED CAST IRON: Diameter: 11 in, Capacity: 2.3 Qt, Weight: 5 Ib, 2.26 kg. The most important feature of this cast iron grill pan is, it has been coated with 3 layers of enamel with 3 stages of firing technique. This sturdy coating provides not only an aesthetic exterior but also outstanding engineering properties, such as mechanical strength of the enamelled surface, stability of colour, corrosion resistance, resistance to abrasion, chemical and heat resistance, hygiene and easy cleaning. NATURALLY NON STICK: This Lava pan is made of durable enameled cast iron, has a convenient handle with an opposing loop handle for easy handling, high ridges for deep sear marks, sloped sides for better grilling, and 2 pour spouts. It is a well-seasoned grill pan to cook with less oil because it offers a natural non-stick surface and eliminates the need for seasoning or special care when cleaning. Cast iron is suitable for all kinds of cooking techniques. It’s oven, and stovetop safe. PRESERVES AROMA: Lava grill pan is unique in barbeque style cooking.  It conducts and retains heat for a long time, so searing hearty meats like chicken or steaks is easy. Firstly, high heat of Lava pan seals the surface of meat. This retains the taste, water and all nutritional values of the food sealed. Secondly, only some part of the meat contacts with the pan thanks to the grill drains on surface ensuring that it is easy to separate meat from pan and it forms nice burning marks on meat. NATURAL AND HEALTHY: Lava cast iron skillet is 100% natural and recyclable. Since it comes from nature, it easily returns to nature. It is the most compatible medium with human and environment. Free from harmful additives or toxic substances. Dishwasher safe. It can last a lifetime.

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